Serial entrepreneur, Chairman and Founder CEO of C-Way Electric and Autonomous Vehicle LLC. Visionary leader with creativity in establishing operational optimization across diverse industries in both South Africa and international operations.


Recognized for talents in strategy development and providing corporate vision with an appreciation in developing democratic broad-based consumer ownership systems and value object that relate the consumer need/business need (to satisfy a need or to produce other value objects) via broad-based ownership supported business model.


Jerry Nakafuji is the Chief Operating Officer of C-Way Electric and Autonomous Vehicles. He is an accomplished corporate professional with more than 33 years of experience across the automotive, supply chain, aerospace and defense, and management consulting industries in the United States.


Jerry has held various positions with Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc., TRW Space and Defense Inc, and McDonnell Douglas Inc. Leveraging extensive experience in continuity planning, he is a proven leader for start-up companies looking to realize strategic growth. His broad areas of expertise include operations, strategic planning, project management, compliance, sales and marketing, business process improvement, and logistics administration.


Andreas Kurbos is the founder and managing director of studiokurbos GmbH. He was born in Stuttgart, grew up in Nice, studied in Turin at the Istituto Europeo di Design, and later worked as a transportation designer in leading positions in various design teams in the German automotive industry. With this international experience, he founded his own design studio in the heart of Stuttgart in 2013.


Studiokurbos is a fully independent and owner-managed design studio. For their customers in the areas of automotive, product, and user experience design, they holistically create and develop product identities for the physical and digital use cases of tomorrow. Founded in 2013, studiokurbos designs vehicles, products, and user interfaces for brands and markets around the world. They are characterized by the combination of their design skills: user experience design AND automotive and product design.


A connection and source of inspiration that is becoming increasingly important in our networked world. Designing physical and digital interactions that literally make the product or technology understandable to people and tangible in dialogue.


I conducted my first project in the field of people and vehicles in 1987 as a student at the TU Berlin. After that, the subject of human technology interaction stayed with me until today. Whether at the TU Berlin as a research assistant and doctoral student, at Daimler AG, at Harman Automotive, at a development service provider, and within my own business: the relationship between humans and technology has always been the focus of my thoughts and actions.


beyond HMI///// is focused on usability, user experience, and human machine interface (HMI) design. My goal is to design technology so that it creates value, improves human lives and makes the world a better place. It is noticeably clear to me that we need to know everything about humans to design technology. Not vice versa.


I have more than 30 years of experience in shaping the relationship between people and technology, between user and product, between driver and vehicle, and developed solutions and products for my clients that are easy to use, inspiring and successful.