About AEEX SA Ltd



AEEX is launching a New and Innovative Way to Increase Economic Participation. AEEX GOLD COIN, a digital gold coin, will allow you to participate in the next big thing. It’s about time that you had your say in what gets built and how it gets funded.



You’re not included in the global economy. You feel like your best days are behind you and there’s no way out. AEEX is building a platform to put Africa back on the map. It will give African people access to an affordable digital gold coin, empowering their personal economic lives from day one

AEEX Gold Coin Custodial Certificate

Every AEEX Gold Coin Custodial Certificate value will be backed by a real 5g AEEX Gold Coin, so its price is relatively stable. AEEX conceived the idea of developing a gold coin for its denominated ordinary and preference shares to match specific grams-that is, starting with 5 grams, all the way down to 2.5 grams and 1 gram. In this way, the intrinsic value of each coin could easily be measured quite exactly on a daily basis against the official world price of gold.


A digital AEEX Gold Coin will be built on a distributed ledger that can allow mutual cooperation of African small nations, businesses, commercial traders, credit unions, or even farmers to build a network for AEEX Gold Coins to back a large, liquid AEEX Gold Coin that would potentially be a trustworthy and at least efficient as the Special Drawing Rights (SDR) used by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. This would give AEEX Gold Coin network in African countries some protection from the current economic failures.